If not now – When?

Travels around the world (with Beth and Chris)

The Elusiveness of Time

This is Baba’s contribution to our blog:


All those months of planning (with meticulous detail by Chris and Beth) and dreaming about June 27th, the beginning of our adventure, and here it is July 12th, the end of my great adventure and the continuation for Beth and Chris. What now they ask,-memories and what memories for me-:experiencing Paris -ooh la la-in Leibfrieds’ own special, intimate way- and the piece de resistance- the boat trip on the Canal du Nivernais. Because I didn’t know what to expect, my heart, mind and soul were wide open and they were filled to overflowing-the blogs and photos explain all that. But–my greatest memories are from Beth and Chris- their special, extraordinary relationship- and their acceptance, consideration and love toward me, Baba, mom and mother in law. So-time marches on , but you discover many things along the way, if you allow yourself to be open to experience and your loved ones.




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