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Beginnings in Budapest

We have moved past France: the locks, hearty crusty bread, lovey-dovey people, and travels with Baba –  into Budapest: completely different place and people.

So we begin Chris’ retirement in Beautiful Budapest, just Chris and Beth. This is a new chapter for us…


Chris and I are are focused on different aspects of processing the first few days of this experience. As I’m sure you can imagine he’s got the adapters, WD-40, cords and technology, maps/GPS, logistics, wine, looking at wood crafts and for a gym. I am paying attention to markets (thinking of preparing meals in our apartment), interacting with people – trying to figure how to communicate a little bit in Hungarian (as of now I can say “one” and “thank you”), softening up our high ceilinged (15 feet) spacious apartment with a few small plants (some edible) and moving the couches toward the circular lacey window nook, looking for souvenir earrings and yoga. This is part of our balance as a couple.

We purchased monthly passes for the metro/trolley/bus system and are getting the hang of moving about on foot (I’ve already shed at least one croissant from my hips) and using the extensive public transportation. We are not used to living in a city and are happy to have so much available so close-by. The first night  I cooked our chicken dinner mostly with Szimpla Sunday Market (google it) stuff and Hungarian Sauvignon Blanc, Chris went to the store and was back literally in less than ten minutes for – you guessed it – more wine. I guess if you are used to city living, that’s not that cool…but for suburbanites like us, it’s an exciting novelty.

Yesterday we finally met our thoughtful and helpful American friends Julia and Marc for a great lunch at Gepárd És Űrhajó (translates to “Cheetah and Spacecraft”). I am happy to have met up with a fellow foodie – she will not steer us wrong when it comes to food and drink suggestions!!! More beginnings.

Today we visited the Museum of Fine Arts (Szépművészeti Múzeumban) and saw the temporary exhibit of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec as well as other beautiful works of art including the building itself. Tonight we saw our friends Albert and Paul, from the Kapital Inn (google it) where our Budapest adventure ultimately began.



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One thought on “Beginnings in Budapest

  1. Rob and Donna on said:

    L1 and L2, Think I blew the first comment. The adventure is fabulous. We are enjoying the journey vicariously. Email your address so we can google. Already been to the farmer’s market. Strange having you more than a phone call away for so long. 😦 Be well, have a blast. R

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