If not now – When?

Travels around the world (with Beth and Chris)

About us

It was 1980 in Gracie’s Dining Hall at Rochester Institute of Technology. Beth, with her blonde permed hair studying math  and Chris, with his full head of hair(!) and  intense blue eyes studying Mechanical Engineering. Some sort of spark happened that took it’s time forming….We became best friends and study partners. Our relationship developed from there. Chris and I were meant to be.

Fast forward through 34 years of life….a wedding, three houses, two kids (Derek and Morgan who are now adults), the passing of both Chris’ parents, Xerox, math tutoring, lots of adventurous travel – on and off the beaten path, the yin and yang of life (and we’ve had our share of both!).

In 2014, Chris came home and told me that Xerox was offering an early retirement package. I knew immediately where this was headed, because Chris had so many ideas of a future – of giving back, of intrepid experiences, of life outside of  Xerox’s walls. Something Chris said to me resonated as I had heard and felt the same sentiment while in down dog: “if not now – when?”

We agreed. It was time. Life would slip by uneventfully and unnoticed if we did not seize this opportunity. So we begin our life again – now as a (semi) retired couple – into the next phase of our lives together. 


One thought on “About us

  1. Sandra and Rick on said:

    Love you guys!! Have an amazing time. XXX’S & OOO’S

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