If not now – When?

Travels around the world (with Beth and Chris)

About our site

We’ve created this site to allow our friends and family to follow us while we’re on our various travels.  We’ll try to post updates when we have something  new to share and can find a WiFi connection. Please feel free to leave comments or follow us to get email notifications when we post something new.

Beth will probably do most of the postings with colorful descriptions, beautiful pictures, and lots of food references.  Chris will occasionally post with dry, fact based observations.


Chris and Beth

One thought on “About our site

  1. Wafula on said:


    Sawa Sawa Sawa, it’s ok-hey, Sawa Sawa Sawa, it’s a new day-hey, Sawa Sawa Sawa, let’s all say-hey, Sawa Sawa Sawa Sawa!!


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