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Flic en Flac and NYE

The air is heavy and there is a beautiful island breeze blowing the small potted palm tree on our terrace. There are cracking firecrackers and bursts of lights exploding all around us. I can hear the nocturnal geckos chirping. We are on the African island of Mauritius for New Years Eve. Chris is snoozing on the wicker couch, it is sprinkling (but we are dry under our outdoor awning) and I decide it is time to blog….


Just before 7 am this morning my eyes, become aware of the sunlight streaming through the windows and I realize I had forgotten to pack my contact lenses – a bit of a problem since we had a dive scheduled for late morning and I am blind as a bat without corrective lenses of some sort. We arrived at the Cascavelle open-air “mall” before it opens in hopes of a competent and available optician who can provide me with sight. I am in luck. We walk away with a trial pair of lenses (and suggestions for dive companies in the north of Mauritius) for a small fee from an understanding young woman optician who also loves to scuba dive.

Dive Pic Retouched2

We arrive at the Sea Urchin Dive operation in Flic en Flac and get our refresher lesson from the Mauritian dive master Sebastian with kinky black curls, a super relaxed attitude, and a beautiful smile. We dive at a small boat wreck and surface invigorated as we always do after being underneath in the clear blue warm waters.



Back to the hotel, a welcomed shower and then off to shop for our New Year’s eve dinner – steaks on the grill, crusty sesame seed baguette, fresh green salad, and crisp white sauvignon blanc (it’s way too hot for red!). After a Happy New Year phone call with Derek across the world to Bolivia, we come back and prepare our dinner with candles, the humid breeze, and the crackling sounds of New Year’s revelers, here we are.


Here’s to a peaceful and adventurous 2016!!! Until the next time…..


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2 thoughts on “Flic en Flac and NYE

  1. Just me. on said:

    Happy New Year. We had a slightly different view here:-) Oh, I meant to ask… camel burger?? Yum or not?

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